Pure Green Onyx

Some of customers call Pure Green Onyx as a Jade onyx and this happen because of having a dark color. Green Onyx is a natural stone originally found in the region of Damqan in Iran, country that quarries and its material exported worldwide. Like sheets of colored glass, Onyx has a transparent background that makes it a favorite of architects and designers looking for a standout material for feature spaces like bars, reception counters or bath suites.

Green Onyx is mostly used in religious places and temples alongside White Onyx. Persian Pure Green Onyx is suitable for use in worktops, walls, and floorings. It requires little maintenance whilst providing exclusive looks in both interior and exterior applications that require natural stone that offers a refined appearance with incredible performance characteristics and strength. Green Onyx Tile is an intricate stone to work with, recommending experienced professionals to carry out its template, supply, and installation. It offers the possibility of having stunning pieces across surfaces such as kitchen worktops, bar counters, bathrooms, cladding, and islands.

Each Pure Green Onyx slab can vary dramatically in color and veining, making them true individual works of art, an attribute that makes the best Green Onyx slabs both rare and costly.

We are able to supply Green Onyx Block with big dimensions and small blocks for onyx handicraft.

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Hudakstone - Pure Green Onyx
Hudakstone - Pure Green Onyx
Hudakstone - Pure Green Onyx
Hudakstone - Pure Green Onyx
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