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In HUDAK Stone “no” is not an option, we stand to hear your needs voice’s and brings for them the best and suitable services accordingly to build a mutual beneficial relationship.

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The main application of marble stone due to its specification is indoors and for use in flooring. Due to different hardness of the marble types, determining the place of use, should be taken into account.

Onyx is considered luxurious in the world of stone. Onyx weight is a lighter-weight material in comparison to marble or granite slabs and can easily be installed in creative applications.

Stylish Looks, strength, durability, long-lasting and ease of repair are the hallmarks of travertine flooring. Most diverse color presentation among the world is one of Iranian geographical advantages.

Granites mechanical resistance distinguished it from other construction stones. Granite patterns makes it derived products a unique decorative one.

High lime percentage makes this type of stone has the high water absorption ability. Limestone is mostly light in color and has the advantage of having reasonable price and homogeneous.

About HUDAK:

Hudak stone is a knowledge based export oriented company which is powered by high educated members to provide the most suitable services to the professional customers.
We listen to our customers different needs and play our role as best as we can to be their own expert consult to choose the proper product rely on what their wants, the only price of this high valued relationship is just giving us a trust chance and we response it with the highest integrity.

How we provide the best services to your needs?

With providing a powerful supply network and professional consults, which brings offering a wide range of choices depend on your needs. we try our best to be your professional consult to choose what you want. The network transparency would be obvious by providing the right services with giving access to monitor and control the optional part of your orders process to receive your own selected items depend on your needs.